Years in the Making

Years. Years I have said that I will start my own blog that has a theme and a blog in which I don’t hold back at all. I have started blog after blog. A Tumblr that I had to shut down because my ex-boyfriend stalked it, screen-shot it, and tweeted the screenshots of my blog. A running blog that I did for a behavior change assignment and have since stopped writing on because…I stopped running. Another Tumblr that isn’t shut down but is just hanging out there on the interwebs. I update it every once in a while with a picture from my Instagram, or a reblog of a cat. All of those blogs had something in common. I was writing them knowing that someone else would look at them. Someone else I knew. My posts were tailored to what I thought that person would think of the blog.

This is the first blog that I am writing that is solely for me. I haven’t told anyone I know about it, and as of yet, I don’t plan on it. If you know who I am, congratulations and enjoy. If you don’t know who I am–still enjoy. I come to find, and I have been told, that I am an excellent advice-giver and that I should be a life coach. So maybe in the posts to follow, I will be able to help both you and myself along the road of life.

Cheers, mates.


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