Life Coach Endorsement #3

Today after work I received a text from my boss that said: You are an excellent life coach 🙂 I’m lucky to have you. That was followed by a bunch of fun emoticons.

There it is, folks! Another unofficial endorsement. What prompted her to say this, you ask? Well, today I walked into her office to find her extremely overwhelmed with what was on her plate work-wise. After listing off a bunch of things she had to do, I sat down and talked through each task with her. Through talking it out, I helped her realize that two of the major tasks she was worried about were actually almost done and not as big as they seemed. Then, I gave her suggestions with how to tackle the other tasks first.

My biggest piece of advice when you are overwhelmed with things to do (and I learned this the hard way, so maybe I can prevent minor panic attacks for y’all):

  • Take a breath
  • Sit down (or stand, if you have a standing desk!)
  • Write down everything you have to do
  • Create an order in which you want to do them
  • Get started
  • Cross things off your list
  • Continue to breathe

You got this! A lot of times, when you see things on paper and get them into an organized format, they take up less space in your head.


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