U Jam, I Jam, Everybody Jams!

One of the benefits of my job as a Graduate Assistant for Group Fitness? All of the group fitness I get to participate in! I must admit, prior to obtaining this position, I wasn’t a big group-fitness-goer. I had aspirations, you see, but….it just never happened. I preferred to just work out when I felt like it rather than schedule my day around a group fitness class. However,  in the job I have now, I get to participating in things such as auditioning group fitness instructors and participating in special, off-schedule classes, for instructors who need to tape themselves instructing in order to obtain a certification. It’s awesome for me because not only do I get to experience new formats, but I get to get my heart pumping while I’m at work!

Today, I participated in a taping for a U Jam class. Prior to this week, I had never heard of U Jam. What do you do during this class? U JAM! Get it? (laughter should ensue here.) I have to admit, I am not the best dancer. Zumba doesn’t always work out for me because I just don’t know how to swivel my hips and twirl my arms. However, I think U Jam could work for me! One of the songs the instructor taught was a Bollywood song. Folks, I’ve found my calling! I knew that my somewhat jarring moves fit in somewhere 🙂



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