My Little Climber

Yesterday, I went rock climbing! Seeing as it is 30 degrees in DC right now, we went rock climbing at an inside facility. Last time I was there, I took a Beginner’s Basics Course and learned how to belay someone. After the class, I started climbing (and belaying) with my boyfriend. I may or may not have almost dropped him that first time. Little details, little details. We’re still together, so I’m guessing the adrenaline of almost plummeting 15 feet added some excitement to the relationship. This time, I took my belay test and passed! I was so nervous.However, I learned a new way of belaying in which I can hold both hands on one side of the rope, instead of having a hand on the top and a hand on the bottom. For some reason, having the hands together just made a lot more sense in my head, and I was belaying like a champ yesterday. When the boo fell off the wall, he dropped MAYBE half an inch because–hey! I caught him. High fives and pats on the back all around. My boyfriend and his roommate really pushed me to try climbing walls that I didn’t think I could climb. I even climbed a ceiling! I will look for a better description/video/picture of that, since I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but, you know. Anyway, rock climbing is a great work out, especially for the abs and arms. There were times that I was hanging from the ceiling with only my arms, and I really had to use my back, shoulders, and abs to get my feet back on the wall. 30 minutes after we stopped climbing, I could really feel the burn. It was a gratifying experience–mentally and physically. I highly suggest you try it out if you are growing tired of the typical gym work out.


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