Why I Shouldn’t Make Smoothies Without My Contacts in: Reason One

Hello hello! It looks like it is actually starting to warm up out there. Just kidding, it’s still below 30 degrees. A little optimism never hurt anyone though. This morning, I made my second homemade smoothie.

This morning’s smoothie consisted of:

  • plain yogurt (still haven’t gotten anything new yet)
  • 3/4 a frozen banana
  • 3 medium-sized strawberries
  • 1/2 mango
  • 5 blackberries

Let me tell you, getting that mango split in half was one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done while making a meal. I may not even have to work out today. 😉


Now, here’s the kicker. I forgot to tell you two more ingredients that were in this smoothie. One of them was accidental, and the other one was on purpose. With the intent to grab my ground cinnamon and add a dash or two to my smoothie, I accidentally grabbed the curry powder and dumped about 3 tablespoons in, since it doesn’t have the nice separator like the cinnamon does.

For a moment there, I thought my smoothie was doomed. Curry powder in a fruit smoothie? All that fruit will go to waste. BUT, because I am highly against wasting food/money, I took five minutes to try and scoop out all of the curry powder. At some points, I was actually licking the curry powder off of a blackberry to prevent it from being in there. All for the sake of a smoothie. After getting out what I could, and accidentally pushing some of it further down into the smoothie, I added in a bunch of cinnamon and blended away. To my pleasant surprise, it actually turned out fine. Here and there I could slightly sense the bite of the curry powder, but my smoothie still tasted like fruit. Thank god. Applause, applause, bow.

Overall, good consistency. I think the mango added a good amount of sweetness to the smoothie, but I still want to try some other alternatives to the plain yogurt.


Now, I’ve never been to the place on that cup, so don’t go thinking I’m cooler than I actually am.


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