The Little Things

How many times have you heard someone say It’s the little things that count. Pretty often, right? Well, I don’t necessarily believe that is 100% true, as the big things do count sometimes as well. However, what I draw from this popular saying is that in the midst of worrying about the big things, we shouldn’t forget to appreciate the little good things–things that we see, things that we hear, things that we feel, things that happen–that may not be put on your timeline of life events, but help you to stop, unwind, and smile for at least the moment.

Tonight, I am appreciating this glass below. It looks like a Coca-Cola can! For whatever reason, it makes me smile, which I realized tonight when I filled it with water. Best thing about it? I bought it at Goodwill for $0.96. I bought a Harry Potter mug the same day, also for $0.96.

Today, I read on The Happsters blog about a Jar of Happiness. What’s this happiness jar about? Well, you write something that makes you happy on a piece of paper every day and stick the piece of paper in this jar. If I had a happiness jar (and maybe I will soon!) I would definitely write down that this Coca-Cola glass makes me happy. It makes me happy not only because it was cheap and it’s clever, but because it’s unique and I have never seen it before. Even though I am sure it is out there somewhere else, it feels special to me.

What would YOU put in your jar of happiness? Image


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