FitBit: Hidden in My Sports Bra

This past summer, my dad bought me a FitBit. What is a FitBit you ask? Image

A FitBit is this little gadget above that tracks your steps, distance traveled, number of calories burned, and number of flights of stairs climbed every day. My FitBit fits snugly into my sports bra–it clips on! And you will often see me peeking into my cleavage to see how many steps I’ve taken so far in the day.

I love it.

As a candidate for a Masters in Public Health, with a track in Physical Activity in Public Health, increased physical activity is my JAM. I am all about promoting it, educating people on the benefits of it, and partaking in it. After all, practice what you preach. My daily step goal is 10,000. Often, I reach 12,000-15,000. At least once a week, I actually go over 20,000. But let me tell you–when I am under 10,000, you better bet that I get my butt moving.

Don’t get me wrong, high intensity physical activity is just as important to fit in as 10,000 steps a day (hey, sometimes they’re the same thing), but on days where I don’t fit in my workout (due to poor time management on my part, it makes me feel good to get in around 15,000 steps. Because hey, at least I was consistently moving throughout the day!

I highly recommend FitBit. Check out their products here. 


12 thoughts on “FitBit: Hidden in My Sports Bra

  1. I’ve used pedometers in the past, and they were never accurate unless it was on my hip or directly on my shoe. The FitBit really works attached to your bra? I’m impressed.

    • I have to admit–I have always been skeptical about pedometers. However, I do think that this one is pretty accurate, and it seems to work in my bra just as well as on my hip. I’ve actually tested it my counting my steps and then checking FitBit to see if it matches up. The only think it has trouble interpreting though it when I ride my bike. I’m still not sure what it counts as a step (because every time after I bike, the steps have increased.) I’m assuming that every time I pedal, it counts. Also, if I walk or bike up a hill, it counts those as flights of stairs. So there are minor inaccuracies, but it does really help to keep me on my game. 🙂

  2. I love this! I have a Polar FT7 for when I workout, but I have a desk job and I often wonder how much I actually did during the day (maybe not much!) I had heard about this, but never saw a good explanation like this! I am now ordering one! 🙂 Thank you

    • That’s so exciting! I am thrilled that I was able to inspire someone to go out and buy one 🙂 It’s a great investment! My dad actually just bought his entire senior management team one, and they are going to have an inner office competition. Just one more step on the pathway to health!

  3. The FitBit is too neat! I have tried tracking my daily distance by wearing my Garmin all day- but that will make you feel like a total nut job in the office. “Hey Lady- why are you where that huge black watch with brown heels?” haha

    • Ah, that’s scary! My FitBit usually stays in my bra pretty well, but I am always scared that one day I will look down and it won’t be there! My friend Bo bought one and lost his 3 days later 😦 Awesome that you also have a FitBit, though! We should become “FitBit friends” on the site!

  4. I am ADDICTED to my FitBit. And I absolutely love that Sparkpeople syncs with it so that I can continue to log my calories like I have been.

    I’d love to be FitBit friends… I don’t have any yet. I mean, if you’re willing to be my friend. 🙂

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