Power Yoga

I have to be honest with all of you. If you asked me one year ago what I thought of yoga, my answer would be something along the lines of “psh, ugh, i hate yoga.” I would then go on to explain myself, and I would say something like “Yoga doesn’t feel like a work out to me. I want to do high intensity work outs where I SWEAT LIKE CRAZY and can barely move. Yoga doesn’t make me sweat.”

Flash forward to six months ago. I’ve started doing yoga with my boss because she is a semi-yogi (if you can be that). I am slowly getting into yoga, but only like slow classes such as aromatherapy yoga, relaxation yoga, and sometimes..SOMETIMES…vinyasa yoga. Still though, my favorite parts of yoga are child’s pose and shavasana. In addition, pigeon. I have the tightest piriformis muscles. Pigeon pose is key for stretching out those muscles. My new mantra is “I like yoga now, but I only like the relaxation yogas. Power yoga is definitely not my thing. I hate holding poses for a long time.”

Flash forward to this moment in time. In the past three weeks, I have taken 2 power yoga classes. And I think power yoga may be becoming another interest of mine. I love yoga for stretching, but now I also love yoga for feeling empowered…and powerful.

What is your opinion of yoga?


One thought on “Power Yoga

  1. I love yoga! It helps relax me, and I always feel refreshed afterwards. I have been doing hot yoga classes lately, and I really enjoy them because it’s a great workout and the heat helps loosen your muscles.

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