My Cara Box is in!

After an anticipated wait, I finally received my Cara Box in the mail from Alicia! It is so exciting to received things in the mail, especially when 1) it’s a package! and 2) you have no idea what’s in it but you know it goes with a theme and will be filled with lovely little things that will make you smile.

For those of you who do not know what a Cara Box is, you can go here to find out. Kaitlyn started this Cara Box tradition, and I love it. It’s my first month participating and it’s been a pleasure. Shopping for/brainstorming/creating gifts for my Cara Box recipient was so much fun and a great release from schoolwork and work.

What was in my Cara Box?

  • A colorful notebook/journal with the letter ‘A’ on the front!
  • A pretty orange-y nail polish
  • A mug
  • An antibiotic lotion (much needed since I keep stealing my boss’s)
  • An assortment of Lindor truffles! (So in love with Lindor.)
The Contents of My Cara Box!

The Contents of My Cara Box!

My Cara Box Goodies!

My Cara Box Goodies!

Thank you so much, Alicia! For all of you reading this, you should definitely check out both Kaitlyn and Alicia’s blogs. I just found an awesome crock pot chicken satay recipe on Kaitlyn’s blog today, and I can’t wait to try it! (When I finally force myself to go to the grocery store.) And Alicia’s blog is called Brew Lovin’ Mama–what ISN’T awesome about a blog written by a GIRL who LOVES craft beer? Nothing. She writes about other amazing experiences as well (such as being a mother to 5-wow!) so if you aren’t a craft beer fan, you’ll still have PLENTY to read!


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