April Challenge Update

Tuesday, April 2

Once again, I combined my challenge into a more comprehensive work out.

Wide-leg squats (3 sets of 10, 35 pounds on each side of the bar)
50 push ups split up between squat sets
One-arm DB rows** (3 sets of 10, each side, with a 30-lb. dumbbell)
Romanian dead lifts (3 sets of 10, 70-lb. bar)
Lat pull down (3 sets of 10 with 60-75 lbs.)
Right Lunge, Left Lunge, Squat, Squat Jump (3 sets of 10, each side, 14-lb. medicine ball)
Bicep Curl into Shoulder Press (10-lb. dumbbell)
25 burpees between sets of curls and presses

I also fit in two one-minute planks and 30 seconds of mountain climbers in somewhere but I can’t remember where. So, I didn’t complete the other 30 seconds of mountain climbers, but do to the other exercises I did (equaling 45 minutes), I deem that okay. 🙂

**My friend Taylor showed me how to do one-armed rows a new way. First, you put both hands on the bench press bench and extend your body straight behind you, with feet on the floor, as if you are doing a plank. Then you start the one-arm rows.

Wednesday, April 3

Braved the wind and chilly temps to go on a short run. I ran for 1.25 miles and then stopped by the Washington Monument to do my challenge. Completed everything but the mountain climbers, once again. My hip flexors have been shot from biking to work all the time so mountain climbers are just not agreeing with them. I also had to split my second one-minute plank into two 30-minute segments because I was getting tired! Whatever you need to do to get to your end point–no need to hurt yourself just for the sake of the challenge! I then ran back the way I came. Woo!

Below is where I stopped for my challenge today:
WWII memorial


And some cherry blossoms on the run back!

Thursday, April 4 

On Thursdays I usually have my meeting with my boss at noon. Today we decided to make it a “work out meeting.” We did a quick 30-minute work out. I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill. After I got off, I did 50 push ups and 25 squat jumps. I nixed everything else from my challenge today because my body is getting a little sore. Usually, I would be upset with myself for not completing my challenge. But I am not for two reasons. One: I still did a decent work out today. The goal of the challenge was to get my butt moving every day of April, and my butt still moved today. Two: Completing a challenge is not worth sacrificing the health of my body. Always remember to listen to your body during a work out. If it is saying no for other reasons than “boo this is hard” or “ugh I hate burpees”…maybe you should stop.


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