April Challenge Update 3

I alluded to this in my last April Challenge Update, but after 3+ days of completing all of the exercises in my challenge, my hip flexors were shot. Here is an update of Friday, Saturday, and today:

Friday, April 5
Lots of working out today! The only part of my challenge that I completed were the 50 push ups and the planks. But I had a good reason for not completing the challenge, I swear, I swear! Friday afternoon was beautiful, so my friendboy and I took a 2.5 mile run through his neighborhood and a pretty national park. I love running on trails–a lot friendlier to the joints and a lot prettier than cement sidewalks. After the run, I ran about 15 minutes to work, where we had our annual Personal Training meeting. The actual “meeting” part of our meeting lasted about 5 minutes. Afterwards, we did a group work out, led by the Personal Training Coordinator. We split up into two teams and had a couple of competitions. We did a ton of squats, push ups, wall sits, planks, med ball throws, kettle bell swings, etc. Between that and the running, my legs were shot, and they still are. Going down stairs today (Sunday) is still difficult. Crouching down to tie my shoe? Ouch.

Saturday, April 6
See above as to why I did not do any exercise, besides walking and meandering around the neighborhood, yesterday.

Sunday, April 7 (Today)
At the time that I started to write this post, I had done a ton of walking because my mom was in town for the day, but I had done no official exercise. That made me feel guilty, so mid sentence I got down onto my carpet and did 100 push ups. With breaks of course. So I completed the 50 push ups portion of my challenge let again. My legs are still majorly sore, so instead of maxing them out even more with squat jumps and burpees, I decided to stretch and foam roll…which is a great segue to what I am about to write about in my next post: The Importance of Rest.

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