April Challenge Update 4

Oh boy, did I do a number on myself! I think I really pulled my quad over a week ago after that Personal Training Challenge I told you about. After my run on Tuesday down to the cherry blossoms, I taught my Metabolic Effect class. Every time I tried to squat or lunge, I felt a painful twinge in my upper left quad. I therefore deemed myself out of commission until yesterday. However, I still tried to complete the fifty push ups every day–I’m gonna have some great guns by the end of April! I also still did a ton of walking, walking, walking, and still a little bit of biking to and from work, so I don’t feel too badly about the hitch in my April Challenge plans. The place I pulled my quad was so awkward too…I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to stretch it. It seemed to be part of the hip flexor, quad, and groin, but stretches for all three of those didn’t really do the trick. You should have seen me around the city this week–I would just stop at random places, plant my left foot about a foot in front of me, lean back, bend my knee forward, and then wiggle around until I found the right spot.

Oy vey.


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