Okay, blogger friends. I have to come clean. I have not been posting much lately because I have gotten slightly discouraged with my blog. While I have received wonderful comments and a decent amount of followers in the past 3 months, I still feel as if my blog has a lack of direction and that is something I would like to fix.  The reason I wanted to start a blog, specifically a healthy lifestyle blog, is because I have come across a plethora of inspirational bloggers (Peanut Butter Fingers and 125 are high up there on that list) that motivated me to get my butt into the blogging community. As a Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor–as well as having a degree in Exercise Science and an (almost) Masters in Public Health–you would think that I would be the perfect candidate for a healthy lifestyle blog, wouldn’t you? Alas, those are only some pieces I need to complete my blogging puzzle. Lately, I have been discouraged because I view my blog and I say to myself “SecretLifeCoachofDC, is there anything about your blog that makes it special? Will people actually gain any new knowledge out of this out of what you post? Do you have the theme you so desired?” Ironically, what is causing myself to ask these questions is that the blogs that motivated me to venture into the world of committed blogging (not just reposting 75 things on my Tumblr every once in a while) are also the blogs that are intimidating me. Not on purpose of course, as these bloggers do not even know I exist, but the success of their blogs causes me to peek into my little box of self doubt and look around.

I delved into my thoughts and questioned why I thought my blog wasn’t going as swimmingly as I thought it would. When I talk about success, I don’t necessarily mean “followers” and “likes.”  I am so thankful for the followers and likes that I already do have. A successful blog to me is one that has purpose, consistency, and vivacious personality. When searching my thoughts, I realized that the reason I am having trouble finding this streamline focus and consistency in my blog is because I don’t have it in my life. The chaos of my schedule matches the chaos of my mind. As I preach to others the importance of bringing healthy habits into their lives consistently, I myself am not doing the same. A recipe here, a work out there. To take control of my blog, I need to take control of my life. You are welcome to join me on the journey. Blog-wise, that is 🙂

A question I have to those of you who read this: have you ever experienced this blog-doubt I speak of? If so, what did you do to overcome it? 


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