Goals Galore

If I asked you how to lead a healthy lifestyle, what would your answer be? I guarantee you that some of the first answers out of people’s mouths would be to eat better and exercise.

Eat better.


We throw these ideas out there like they are as simple as tying your shoe or brushing your teeth, and I believe that the reason so many people have such a hard time eating better and exercising is because these are extremely b r o a d (see what I did there?) goals. The majority of us know how to eat better. We know how to eat healthy. In one of my posts from a week or two ago, I explain what healthy food is in a nutshell. But how we apply that to our own individual lives is a completely different story.

Here are some tactics I am planning on using to lead a healthier life for myself. I plan to set a few goals at a time and once I reach those goals, I will set new ones. All small goals will lead to the larger, broader goal.

Goal 1: Incorporate more exercise into my life.
Tactic: Plan out my exercise times for the week by assessing my agenda and writing down those times. I tend to do better at following through on plans when I write them down.

Goal 2: Eat and drink less acidic foods and beverages.
Tactic: Limit coffee to 2-3 times a week. I usually have coffee once a day, but I have been reading recently that we want to watch the pH balance of our bodies by ingesting less acidic substances. Coffee is highly acidic. I also want to be able to live off my body’s natural energy fueled by a sufficient amount of exercise, nutritious foods, sleep, and stress management. 


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