Speed Through Your Workout

Sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym because all I can think about is the cardio I should do, and how much I don’t want to be on the treadmill or elliptical for 30 straight minutes. Even if I have a TV in front of me and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is playing. Love Jason Segal.

Today after sleeping through my alarm (well, snoozing it three or four or nine times), I had a wonderfully energizing day with my friend M, who was visiting from Baltimore. The only thing getting in my way were my awful allergies–so much wind and pollen today! After M left, I popped another allergy pill, folded my laundry while I let it kick in, and then headed down to the gym in my building. I had to wear my wonderfully plaid puma romas to work out because I realized that I left two pairs of sneakers at work and one pair at the man friend’s house. Bad planning.


Because I already have tight enough calves as it is, I chose to use the elliptical to avoid running on the treadmill with inappropriate footwear. As the foot pretty much stays in place on the elliptical, I found that to be a safe and reasonable option. To make my workout go faster, I did the following:

5 minutes on the elliptical
Strength Training
10 minutes on the elliptical
Strength Training
10 minutes on the elliptical
Strength Training
5 minutes on the elliptical

My strength training included exercises such as: goblet squats, sumo squats with shoulder presses, chest flies, chest presses, and single-leg Romanian Dead Lifts. Splitting my cardio up like that was a great way to speed through my workout–I highly recommend it!–and switching between cardio and strength had be sweating by minute 7! Love it.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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