Good afternoon! What a lovely day it is–at least where I am!

Today I did a workout from called Sexy & Lean Workout. Because I want to be sexy and lean, obviously. Let me give you a little bit of background on

  1. I have only visited their site about 7 times in the past year, but I have enjoyed it every time. 
  2. This site is full of high intensity total body workouts.
  3. They use a lot of their own equipment such as “the Equalizer,” “Ugi,” and “Power Blocks.” But just wait! The beauty of most of these exercises is that you can do them even if you don’t have any of this equipment. While I would love to utilize any of the 3 things I just mentioned, my bank account doesn’t really lend to it right now. Substitute a med ball or some dumbbells…or hey! just do the exercises with bodyweight and you can still get a great workout.
  4. The representatives have awesome accents.
  5. They Their bodies are intimidating. I’ve seriously never seen such lean yet ripped people in my life. The girls on this show are JACKED. Take a look for yourself here. There are also guys on this site and they are equally intense, so guys, you should check this out, too!

Here is the page on which I found the video for the Sexy & Lean Workout. My favorite part about is that they give the video of the workout and they also give you a written layout of it. This is great because sometimes I don’t feel like watching the video, however, if I don’t know what something is I can watch.

Below is my modified workout. I forgot the sheet I wrote everything down on in my apartment. (Minor fail!). Everything I did I did twice except for #4. I remembered that one at the end and did it once through.

1. Push Up Walk Over

2. Tricep Dips

3. Push Up Clean And Press Row Using dumbbells

4. Lunge and B’Ball Twist 

5. 3 Point Bicep Curls using dumbbells

6. Upright Back Row using the dumbbells

7. Plank Row Spider Leg Twist 

8. Chest Press using the dumbbells

Before I did the bodyrock workout, I did 10 minutes of the elliptical. I also cooled down with 5 minutes of the elliptical. All in all it was a great workout and I was sweaty! I feel like it was more of a upper body and core workout so if I do it again I think I will add in some leg exercises.

Unrelated Side Note: Today as I was walking home from grabbing coffee, I noticed a couple of people gathered around a man who was lying on the ground. I soon realized that this man of about 30 was having a seizure and was bleeding significantly from his head. It seems as if he had a seizure while running and fell and hit his head. Myself and about ten other people waited around for the EMTs to come. Another man jumped out of a car with what appeared to be a first aid kit and laid something under his head. Soon after, a firetruck with 4 EMTs arrived and soon after that, an ambulance. I am sending all of my thoughts and good wishes to this man today, and I hope that he is okay. I also would like to give a giant shout out to all first responders out there–whether you are professional or not. The calmness and confidence that you all have in such intense and scary situations is astounding and inspiring and I want to thank you for everything. 


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