Prancercise and Polka Dots!

Hello! It’s been almost a week since my last post, and boy has it been a busy week! As I told you about 10 days ago, 2 weeks ago I graduated from graduate school. So, what does that mean for me right now? Helloooo job search! In order to pay my rent while I am job searching, I am working some shifts at the gym where I am also a graduate assistant (those duties are wrapping up, especially because it’s summer.) Last week I worked a couple of hours on Memorial Day (not too disappointing because it wasn’t a very nice day and I still got to go to a bbq after!) and then basically worked 9am-8:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not too bad, though. I get a lot of reading and crossword puzzles in plus a lot of my friends are working there, too. Another big plus side? I usually have about an hour break each day when shifts don’t overlap and I get a work out in because, hey! I’m already in a gym.

This post is going to be filed under several different categories. The next few hours are all about spending time with my blog. First up? Fitness!

When I said that these couple of hours were about me and my blog, I was serious! I just created my second graphic. This is my first graphic that I actually created a background for and used Microsoft Word for. Boy, was it a process, but I am proud! I used the guidance of Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog. My trust in her may have something to do with the fact that she has the same awesome name as me. The reason it ended up being such a process, however, is because my Word is a little bit different than hers and so some of the directions didn’t work for me and I had to find different ways of doing them in Word. Overall, the directions were great, though, and I feel like I have narrowed the gap that I feel between myself and professional bloggers. 🙂 Now, of course I forgot to add into this graphic my sign of “thesecretlifecoach,” so please, if you use this graphic…credit it back to me. I just spent an hour on it believe it or not! 

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 4.25.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 4.43.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.02.11 PM



On to the actual Fitness Fun. Today I used a work out that I found on Julie’s blog. I only added a couple of adjustments. Julie is a great resource of workouts for me because they are always different, high intensity, and fun! Below is the workout Julie did and I added in the adjustments I made.

15 Upright Rows to Overhead Press
10 Bulgarian Split Squats
45-second plank with Shoulder Taps up-downs (or just stationary)
2-minutes on the Treadmill
20 Squats with Leg Lift (I did a side leg lift)
12 spiderman planks
15 Tricep Dips
2-minutes on the Treadmill
21 Bicep Curls (7 upper half, 7 lower half, 7 full range)
15 Dead Lifts
12 Stability Ball Roll-ins 15 Bridges
2-minutes on the Treadmill

After a ten-minute warm-up, I completed this routine two times through. I didn’t do the spiderman planks because, while I did look briefly at a YouTube video of them  on the way to the gym and thought I knew how to do them, I didn’t. I hovered in a weird crouch (kinda like Spiderman crawling up a wall I guess) and just didn’t know how to move my body. I’m sure the other two ladies in the gym were envious of how cool I looked. My little apartment gym doesn’t have stability balls so I had to substitute bridges. Worked just as well–I felt the burn in my booty!

Moving on to some healthy eats! I have been eating out a lot lately and it is taking it’s toll. However, the humidity, while I hate it, is doing a good job of making me to workout because when my clothes stick to my body it makes me feel a littttle wider and so, I need to work it off! Last night I got back from a trip to Baltimore with my boyfriend and for lunch I had a Chesapeake Grilled Cheese sandwich…it had a mini crabcake on it and it was amazing. But I did not feel so stellar when I got home. So, I prepared myself the meal below. Look, a yellow sweet potato! That’s a Marsala veggie burger from Trader Joe’s and it is a-ma-zing!


Lastly, I would like to share with you an amazing video I found earlier called Prancercise. I don’t know if it is serious or not but hey…more power to her! Whatever way you need to get your physical activity in, go for it girl. You prance to good health. I’ll be prancing right behind you! Enjoy 🙂

PRANCERCISE! (click to watch!)
Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.45.58 PM

Okay, cheers for now!


6 thoughts on “Prancercise and Polka Dots!

  1. Your graphic looks great! Awesome job! And prancercise? Can I just say ah-mazing? Lol. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    ~Abby =)

  2. Graphics are one of those things that I hate to make, but are so rewarding when you’re done! Also, I think they’re a bunch easier to make in Publisher than Word (if you’re up for yet another new challenge). P.S. – love the polka dots!

    Looks like some hummus found it’s way onto your plate as well. Could we please make that a food group? Hummus and carrots made up a large portion of my meals last week since I was 1. too lazy to turn on the stove or oven and 2. making dinner for 1 gets real old real fast.

    • I am in total agreement with you on graphics! I’m not sure if Publisher comes with my Mac, but I will look into it!

      Andddd I am guilty of eating way too much hummus. (I mean…actually there is no thing as too much hummus.) I am petitioning the USDA to make it a food group as we speak.

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