Quick Upper Body Circuit


Hello there! In a day or two, there will be a post telling you about why I have been absent from my blog for over ten days! (gasp) and also about my unfortunate case of plantar fasciitis. For now, I am going to update you with a quick post about a quick work out I did today. I wanted to get moving but was also really exhausted from a ten-hour job interview I had, so I completed and approximately 20-minute upper body circuit outlined below:


Dumbbell (DB) Front Raises: works shoulders
DB Side Raises: works shoulders
DB Shoulder Presses with Squats: works shoulders and legs
DB Bicep Curls, Knuckles pointing Forwards: works biceps
DB Bicep Curls, Knuckles pointing Sideways: works biceps
Tricep Push Downs: works triceps
DB Chest Flies: works chest/pec muscles
DB Chest Presses: works chest/pec muscles
DB Rows: works back 
DB Reverse Flies: works upper back/rhomboids
Lat Pull Downs: works back

I did three sets. In between, I did some quick high intensity exercises. I am already feeling it all! Cheers 🙂


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