Work-Life Balance

The past two weeks have been crazy. Let me outline them for you so you can see the craziness:

June 11: 8-hour job interview (8:00am-4:-00pm)
Overnight train to Boston (10:10pm-8:00am on June 12)
June 12: Explore Boston with the boy and stay with his friends.
June 13: Drive to Vermont to explore The Alchemist and Ben and Jerry’s Factory (yum!) Explore the town of Waterbury.
June 14: Explore Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont. Drive back to Boston. Go out until midnight with boy’s college friends.
June 15: Up at 4:00am to make a 6:15 flight to Pittsburgh. Transfer flights in New Jersey. Get to Pittsburgh at 9:30am. Nap for an hour,       go out for best friend’s bachelorette party until 3:00am on June 16.
June 16: Drive from Pittsburgh to home to get Father’s Day dinner with daddy-o. Drive from home to Philly to get bus back to DC.
June 17: Normal Monday work day
June 18: Six-hour interview
June 19: 2.5-hour interview.
Leave at 11:30pm to drive with boy from DC to home. (11:30pm-2:00am on June 20)
June 20: Explore my hometown.
June 21: Leave hometown and head to Lancaster, PA.
Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for best friend’s wedding (in which I am one of 2 Maids of Honor!).
June 22: Prep all day for wedding and then walk down the aisle before my best friend!
June 23: Back to DC!

It was a crazy but fun experience, and I have included some pictures below. While the past two weeks were hectic, I would do it all over again. After a year of working my butt off in my graduate assistant-ship and for my MPH, it was nice to take this time away to have quality time with friends and family. I cannot explain to you how much joy I get out of exploring new places, whether it downtown Lancaster, Vermont, or Boston, and experiencing new things–like watching my best friend walk down the aisle! After these past two weeks, I am an even bigger supporter of that work-life balance everyone talks about 🙂


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