The Competitive Edge

Happy 7th of July! It’s been a great holiday weekend. Holidays are fun, but I always find that keeping healthy habits are 3 times harder. Friday morning, I woke up to Wimbledon on TV. I’m not a huge tennis fan, in fact, I don’t really like watching sports on TV. However, when you are watching with someone who is passionate about the outcome and knowledgeable about the rules, it becomes a lot better.

Watching the match between del Potro and Djokivic has reawakened the competitive fire within me. From the age of 5-18, I played competitive soccer. From the age of 12-20, I played competitive field hockey. And I miss it. I miss the hidden exercise that I got out of kicking or hitting a ball around, weaving in an out of my opponents, defending my cage or my goal. I can’t even begin to count the number of sprints I did without even thinking about it. There was no “ready, set, go.”  There was just a need to get to the ball before someone else.

Now that my schedule is going to settle down a bit more (new job, woo!), I am thinking that I will try to join a Washington, DC field hockey team. I am still exploring my options–they do open play nights down on the mall by the Smithsonian metro stop, but it’s every Monday at 6:00pm and I am not sure if I would be able to make it in time. In addition, I have the urge to train and play in games, and I’m not sure if field hockey pick up games would satisfy that urge.

Do you have any sports or activities that help you get your exercise in? 


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