Memory Box

Hola, friends.

I mentioned in a post or two or three ago that I was at a going away party for a close friend of mine. At the party, she had a memory box. See below.


My friend, Montana (as you can see above), is going to the Peace Corps for 27 months. Actually, she left this morning! I saw her last night, as her group met in and left from DC. The idea of this box was for everyone at the party to write a memory or short note to Montana. At times when she is homesick or sad for some reason, she can open up a letter from this box and hopefully it will make her smile and warm her heart a little. I loved this idea. I think I put about 7 different “memories” in the box. I want to have a memory box, too, but I’m not going away for 27 months. However, just because someone isn’t going somewhere doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to receive a random note from you. Everybody (I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence to what I’m about to say but I am going to pretend there is) likes to know they are being thought of once in a while.

So here is my challenge to you: Pick up a pen, preferably one that is working. You can also choose a pencil, crayon, highlighter, sharpie, paintbrush, etc. Grab a piece of paper. Write down your favorite memory with someone. Send it to them. Or, if you happen to live with this person or see them every day, save 46ish cents and deliver it to them covertly. Challenge accepted? Good.



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