Summer Slim Down Challenge: Road Bump Conquering Strategies

Hola, friendmigos!

I shared some of the challenges myself and my fellow challenge mates are having. Today, I would like to discuss some possible strategies in which we can overcome these road bumps in the future.

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My Individual Challenges

  • Free food. Some challenges can really only be battled mentally. This is one of them. Unless, of course, you decide to avoid all situations that may have free food. For me to do that, I would have to skip work and all social events. Awkward. I’ve started to use go-to phrases such as “you don’t need that,” “that won’t make you feel good,” and “walk away, walk away.” One of the best things to do is to physically move away from the area that the food is in. I always joke that “at parties, you can find me by the food table!” Well, now I need to make myself NOT be that person. Busy yourself with work tasks, conversations, or any games that may be going on, such as corn hole.
  • When someone else is making me dinner. Portion control. You can’t control what you eat when other people are in control of the kitchen, but you are still in charge of how much goes in your mouth. Take big portions of the things that you deem healthy and smaller portions of the things that may not be so healthy. Most of all, know that one meal will not throw everything down the drain. Breathe, relax, give yourself a break.

Challenges of my challenge mates

  • Finding motivation to exercise. This one is hard as it is such an individual thing. Here are some of my suggestions: 1) If your gym has a TV and you can change the channel, go to the gym at a time that something you want to watch is on. 2) Try out different outdoor activities that your town or city may offer. Examples? Yoga in the park, training on the trails, and intramural leagues.
  • Maintaining healthy habits during vacation. A combination of a mental battle and preparation. This is all extremely unique to where you are traveling. I did one presentation on being healthy while you travel–if you would like some advice on maintaining healthy habits on a specific vacation you are on, please comment! I would be more that happy to help.
  • Fitting in three vegetable servings a day, especially when eating out! I came across this problem when I was at my grandparents’ house. One night, I knew that we were having spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, and italian bread for dinner. No veggies on the side. Because I knew that was what I was having, I specifically chose to make my lunch a veggie packed lunch. What did I have, you ask? Celery with peanut butter, tomato with vinegar and salt, and some cucumber slices. A full plate. It’s easier to fit in three servings if you plan for it. Either make one meal of the day be solely a veggie-packed meal, or make each meal have a veggie for a side. For example: put peppers and onions in an omelet for breakfast, have a side salad for lunch, and make a side of asparagus for dinner. You can also fit in veggies as snacks. For instance, have any veggie with hummus! When eating out, try your best to pick a meal based around vegetables.
  • “The idea that if all already lost points for something, the rest of the day didn’t matter.  Ex: if I ate something sweet, so already lost those points, I’d think who cares and eat more sweet things later.  Same with vegetables- if I knew by dinner time that I wasn’t getting all 3 servings I would say well doesn’t matter if I don’t eat any tonight.” Overcoming this is going to take more mental training–see the common theme? The minute you go off track, think of the next minute as your moment to shine again and get back on track. If I’m driving my car and I accidentally run a stop sign, I’m not going to run every other stop sign just because I ran that first one, right?
  • Not eating after 9:00pm when the work day doesn’t end until 11:30pm. Technically, the rule is that you shouldn’t eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. 9:00pm is an arbitrary time, probably chosen because a common bedtime is between 11 and 12. If you aren’t going to bed until 2 or 3, then by all means, have a snack past 9. You will need the energy and nutrients. Just make sure it’s a healthy snack!

you can do it

Anyone know this movie?! 


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