Take a Trip to…Hydration Nation!

Hi there!

So Friday morning I woke up to not only a heat warning, but an excessive heat warning. Lovely. Heat index values around 110 degrees. Do you know what that means? That means that in addition to feeling like you are an ant under a magnifying glass while standing in the sun, you will also feel like you can’t breathe and like the air is slowly grinding you into the ground. Please don’t get too excited.

Here are some other take aways from a Washington Post article   found regarding the heat wave this past week:


Nice. If anyone needs to reach me in the next couple of days, note that I will be in the process of moving to an area that is not red or pink in color. Northern California? New Mexico? DC is right is in the hot zone. It is the epicenter of heat. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.


Red just doesn’t suit me. Not in nail polish, not in clothing, and certainly not on this map. It’s not my best color. I’m moving to the green zone.

Why am I writing about this? 

Days like this are when hydrating is especially important. Don’t get me wrong, you should be hydrating every day, but your body needs water even moreso on days like Friday, yesterday, today and basically all of last week. It’s time for you to take a trip to Hydration Nation. If I can do it, so can you.


I took that cheesy picture just for you so you better hydrate.

Why is hydrating so important on days like this?

  • It’s hot. You’ll sweat more. When you sweat, you need to replace with water by drinking it or eating 17 watermelons.
  • If you leave your water bottle outside (filled with water) for a while, is it still cold when you go back to it? No. It’s warmer and sometimes even hot. That same thing happens to your blood. If you are outside in this heat for an extended amount of time, even at 10-15 minutes, your blood is heating up to the outside temperature. That is bad. You know how fevers are bad? This is the same. Drinking water helps to keep your body temperature down.

Why is hydrating important in general?

  • Water is 70-80% of your water composition. Every cell in your body has water in it, which means that water is essential to the functioning and survival of your body. 
  • Dehydration isn’t fun.

Most people suffer mild symptoms of dehydration every day–fatigue, headaches, dry skin, dry mouth, etc. When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Buy a water bottle and become best friends with it. You’ll actually be surprised at how much better you feel. Having a day where you just feel bleh? My first suggestion is to drink a glass of water. I am willing to bet that dehydration is the cause of these bleh days at leat 50% of the time, if not more. 

The best part about a trip to Hydration Nation? It’s free!! And you don’t have to take a plane.


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