Summer Challenge Update

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It has been so long since a Summer Slim Down Challenge Update! My apologies for slacking off on that. The summer slim down has been interesting. Here are some take-aways I have, as I enter week 7. (Wow, week 7!)

  • It is not fair that the week that we could get double points for not eating sweets was also my birthday week. COME ONNNN.
  • I really like cheese. However, saying “no dairy” has helped me say no and look for alternative sources of ‘dairy.’ It was a huge motivator to going back to drinking completely black coffee. When I’m just not feeling black coffee, I use almond milk or soy milk. Not eating cheese every day is hard simply because it is added to so many meals, and I have been eating out a lot. Dairy is in a lot more than I ever realized. HOWEVER, I am making the conscious decision to not add it into things I would have before. For instance, last week I went to a Mexican place with some friends after work, and I got tacos WITHOUT cheese. Pat on back.
  • I started to do low-intensity exercise for 30-45 minutes just to get it to count as points. No, it wasn’t all low-intensity, and yes, it was better than nothing. But instead of participating in the high intensity exercise that I know is great for the heart, a good fat-blaster, and just what my body responds to better, I was slacking as long as I did it long enough to get the points. I was afraid of doing a 20-minute sprint work out and being too tired to make it to 45 minutes to get the max of 7 points. Last night, I abandoned that fear and did a sprint work out mixed with some lifting. It felt great. Glad that I got back in that game for at least one day–hopefully it will continue.
  • Keeping a food journal for more than one week is annoying. However, it does help keep me on my toes with what I am eating.
  • This challenge has been a great way for me to make sure I am drinking enough water and eating enough vegetables.
  • It is also great for accountability.
  • I am ready for it to be over because it feels like an obligation, but I am really glad I did it, highly recommend it, and know I will keep some of the habits that formed as a result of participating in it.

On another note, I have read a couple blog posts and magazine articles that emphasize picking one health/fitness goal and really working towards that goal via healthy habits. Mine is going to be:

To fit into the pair of jeans that I accidentally bought a size too small

I almost got their last Fall! I have lost a net of 5 pounds so far in this challenge (it has gone a little up at some points.) Maybe I can fit into them by the end of September! I don’t really like wearing jeans when it’s warm anyway 🙂


Have a fantastic Monday!


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