Spaghetti Squash Sunday

Hi there! How was your weekend? I hope well–mine was super productive!

I’m going to be  a bit backwards here, as I plan to talk about Sunday before I talk about Saturday. You will forgive me, right?

So, yesterday, I made spaghetti squash for the first time. I have been wanting to make it forever, but I just never found a spaghetti squash anywhere. On Saturday, I was at a Famers’ Market with my Dad and one of the stands had spaghetti squashes–so I had to grab one! Below is  my spaghetti squash journey. Enjoy!

1. First, you need a spaghetti squash. You can’t make spaghetti squash without a spaghetti squash! (This is going to get confusing.) Then, you need A GIANT KNIFE. As I was reading directions on how to make spaghetti squash, one woman noted that you will need ‘brute force’ to cut the spaghetti squash in half. Of course, this had me nervous, as I don’t think combining brute force and knives is a great idea.


2. As you can see, I fared quite well. While the situation was precarious at times, I think you could get by without brute force. Basically, to cut it in half, you cut the stem off first and then lay the squash on its side. Stick the very large knife  into the center and press down. Cut one half in half. Then do the other half. Don’t try to do the whole thing at one time. Disaster will strike. Unless you have brute force of course.


3. After you cut it in half, you gut it! Cut and gut! This was my favorite part, as it reminded me of carving pumpkins at Halloween. My dad, brother, and I would carve pumpkins together every year (we need to do it again soon!) and I would always be digging my hands in to pull out the insides. I would then chase my brother around the house with guts of the pumpkin because he hated them and I was an antagonizing younger sister.

4. This is what they should look like after you scoop them. Prettyyyyy.


5. Next, cover the squashies in a good amount of olive oil and any other seasonings you may desire. Then, flip them upside down on a baking pan. I recommend putting a layer of foil on the pan. Also, I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should bake the squash facing up or down. After reading several people’s accounts, I decided on down because according to one healthy blogger, baking them facing down makes them cook faster and there is no difference in taste compared to when you bake them face up. That decided it for me! Unless there is a difference in taste, why make it take longer than it has to?!


6. After it bakes, The fun happens! AKA the spaghetti is born. Depending on how big your squash is, you bake it for 40-90 minutes. I started with 40 minutes and it was just fine. You can tell that the squash is ready when you stick a fork in it without it being too mushy or too much of an effort. It will also be slightly brown around the edges.


7. After it is done, you literally just drag a fork through it and you get your ‘spaghetti,’ WAH-LAH! You have spaghetti squash. I added ground turkey and pesto marinara sauce. At one point, I said to myself “Abby, you need to add veggies.” Then, I remembered “HEY. Squash is a veggie!” Perfect.


Well, that ends the Squashy Saga.



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