Keep Tabs on your Activity

This is a random, non-incentivized, FitBit happy rant. (Is there a word for happy rants? Rant always seems to have a negative connotation.)

I wrote another post about FitBit in February. Back then, I was using the FitBit Ultra that my dad gave me for my birthday last year. Now, I am using the FitBit Zip that work gave me. (Check out what I’m talking about here.)

Anyway, this week I have realized how effective my FitBit can actually be. To be truthful, the FitBit Zip does not measure as much as the FitBit Ultra. Ultra measured: steps, distance, time, calories burned, steps climbed, and sleep. The Zip does not measure steps climbed or sleep. So I really only use the Zip for steps purposes–so if you don’t have a FitBit, it’s fine, because you can just use a pedometer! I have found that FitBit’s step counter is extremely accurate, though, and cheaper pedometers may not be as accurate–hence why you can shake them around and pretend you were walking around when you really weren’t (sneaky).

As of right now, everyone’s goal should be to get 10,000 steps/day…or more. Some days, I get up to 20,000+. Most days, I get around 11,000. However, there are some days that are just busy. Filled with meetings where I either sit or stand (better choice!) at  my desk and take endless notes. It’s on these days that I glance down at my FitBit at 2:00 and I barely have 1,000. My goal is to have 2,000+ by 10am, 5,000 by noon, and 10,000+ by the end of the day. If at 2:00 I only have 1,000, time to get my butt moving!

Bottom Line: My FitBit is a great way to keep tabs on my activity, and I suggest you try it, too. You never realize how inactive/active you are otherwise.


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