Library Friends

Good morning! Another short and sweet post to start off the morning, but I will probably check back in later today as well.

I love the library. I have 5 different library books in my possession right now. It’s actually a little scary. The great thing about DC Public Libraries is that they don’t hound you if you are a day or two or a week late. It’s easy enough to renew, and basically as long as you return the book in good condition, you’re good to go. It’s the perfect description of a friendly neighborhood, community library. And I love that it’s a mere 5 minute walk from my apartment. You would think that short distance would help me get books back on time…but no. It doesn’t.

Two of the books I am reading right now:

photo (2)


I am not gluten free, and I do not think I will be going gluten free…at least not completely. But I do want to see what it’s all about. I also am in the midst of deciding on things to eliminate from my diet in an effort to discover what in my diet could be causing me some mild-annoying discomfort and fatigue. Also, isn’t it awesome that my library has recipe books?! I plan on copying a bunch of recipes from this book (via printer) and compiling my own recipe binder. Stay tuned!


Have a wonderful Thursday 🙂


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