Tribute to Berries and a PSL Welcome

I would like to take this time to write a quick shout out to two of my very good friends–strawberry and tomato. As I prepared my quick post-work snack today (consisting of strawberries and tomatoes), it dawned on me that as Fall creeps in (hooray!) these lovely friends of mine will no longer be in their best season. Sigh. I bid you adieu, my fair friends. Until next year. Yes yes, I know you will be around still, but let’s face it–it won’t be your ‘bikini season’ so to speak.

photo (3)

On a much happier note, while I will miss my above friends very much, one of my very best friends has come back into town. Who? PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE, BOOOOYAH! I have to limit my intake of these, so they will be my special treat each week 🙂 But, oh, what a special treat. PSL! PSL!

photo (4)


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