5 Things I’m Thinking Tuesday

Hey maybe this really could be a thing…





Someday soon I will write a legitimate post that may help you in some aspect of your life. I am going to use the lame, old excuse of “Work has been insane!”

1. I got my first flu shot EVER today. I am feeling torn about it. But it kinda feels like I did some dumbbell side raises so I am pretending that I actually worked out. Just on that side. And just that muscle.

2. I am slowly making my way back to being wheat-free. Hopefully there will be a post explaining that some time soon.

3. I love, love, love fall. Today’s weather was perfect. Cardigan and a dress, with a slight nip in the air. I love this season.

4. I am having a constant debate over what to do with my hair next.

5. I volunteered at a soup kitchen of sorts this morning and it was a really rewarding experience.

Good night!


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