October is my favorite month

I love October.

I love Fall.

But I LOVE October.

Pumpkins, Halloween, Crisp fall air, foliage…you name it. It’s my season. Here is a peak into my fall so far (AH! This just made me think about how fall is basically half over.)

photo 1

At work, we have having a desk-decorating contest for Halloween. This is totally up my alley. Why, you ask?
1) See above, where I said I love Halloween.
2) I spend a lot of my time at work, so it makes more sense to decorate my desk than my apartment, especially since not many people actually see my apartment.
3) I get to put candy at my desk, which makes my co-workers like me more.
*How cute is that cat candy bowl? I was surprised with that and it made my day 🙂 The little things.

photo 4

It is not completely evident that it is fall here, especially because the leaves are green, but I don’t run in the heat. Meaning I don’t run in the summer (yet..or unless I’m feeling unreasonably motivated.) It is finally a temperature where I can run outside and it feels absolutely wonderful. P.S. Can you see the moon coming out in this picture? So pretty.

photo 3

My best friend had her wedding at this castle in my hometown. Yes, my hometown has a castle! I never really thought about it that way until the wedding. Castles are better in fall, did you know that? That’s a rule I made up and I suggest you follow it.

photo 2

These were the flowers for her wedding. Beautiful fall colors. I was obsessed. And they were real and smelled so good!

Right now, I am writing this post while drinking hot chocolate (it would be better if it were hot apple cider, but I am out) and letting a Pumpkin Buttercream Yankee Candle burn on my desk….I love this season.

Hopefully more Fall pictures coming soon! Stay tuned.

What is your favorite season? What is your favorite thing about Fall?


3 thoughts on “October is my favorite month

  1. Although spring is my favorite season, I agree that fall is waaayy better running weather than summer! Favorite fall things : Hiking, Crunchy leaves, and freshly-pressed apple cider. YUM!

  2. I keep on meaning to pick up some cider. I don’t drink often but I think it would be nice to have some cider with some fireball in it. haha. Fall is my favorite season because I like the running and the football and the leaves and the beginning of cuddling season. Not to mention the colors are so perdy!

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