Miscellaneous Monday: After work fun-run and I need apple cider

Gooooood afternoon!

I am so excited to announce that I have chosen my Halloween costume. I was very distraught (drama queen strikes again) because I just had no idea what I wanted to be. To be completely honest, I have forever wanted to be a Hocus Pocus witch for Halloween.


However, the legit costumes seem to be in glass cases…and I will be NOTHING LESS than legit.  I have looked up non-DIY Hocus Pocus costumes and they are $100 if not $200 or $300. I will end up making my own some day, but this will need more preparation. In a couple years, when I have an apartment or house more conducive to gatherings (as right now I don’t have the best common space), I am going to hold an elaborate Halloween party–costume contest, cauldrons, carved pumpkins, hot apple cider, the works. I’ve wanted to do this for years.



Moving on, today I am also excited to tell you that I signed up for an after work fun run! It’s a free 5k in Dupont, starting at a local market called Glen’s Garden Market. Afterwards, we get $4 pints! If we want them. I happened to hear about this randomly, and I am so glad that I did. I had to run tonight anyway, and what better motivation than to run with a group of people at a set time and place? I wouldn’t want to do that every night, but it just feels right tonight. I am confident that the 5k will fly by while I am meeting people and thinking about what beers I will buy. 

GlensBarGlen’s Garden Market–isn’t it cute?! (Food is a little expensive…but we can work on that.)

Last topic for right now: Apple Cider! I forgot to mention that another thing I love about fall is APPLE CIDER! Since I can remember, I have always drank this hot apple cider. I want some now, now, now! I may need to make a CVS/grocery store run ASAP. I have thought about it, and tried to stay away because the packets are almost all sugar, but… you know what? I know what I want, and I’m going to get what I want, so there. 

If anyone would like to send me mass quantities of this, I would love you forever (platonically). Currently, I am indulging on hot chocolate, but to be honest….hot chocolate only belongs in my mug after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas tree is up and the flakes are a’fallin’. (In my imagination, since global warming is killing my fireside experience.)

Tata for now. 




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