No Strings Attached

Yesterday after work, I did something I have never done before….well, not that I can recollect.

I ran without my phone. In other words, I ran without my music, without Map My Run (or the Nike app, as I go back and forth). I just ran. I didn’t know how far I was going

My Thoughts on This Endeavor

1. Overall experience: Goodthumbs-up-gif

2. It was really nice to run without headphones in. I neglect to wear an arm band (lazy?) so I hold my phone when I run and 9 times out of 10 I get my arms caught in my headphones and my headphones yank out of my ears and my phone drops and all is not right with the world. Also, I forgot what birds sounded like.

3. Without the distraction of music, I was able to notice a lot more about my surroundings. Usually, my music takes me into another world where I imagine beating up a bad guy, performing in a musical (Wicked), or doing some crazy karate moves. Daydreaming isn’t bad, but I think that I daydream too much and I lose track of my surroundings. It was really nice to be in touch with the outside world as well as my own thoughts. A very nice change. Instead of staring straight ahead with ‘tunnel vision’ I got to see things such as a stuffed giraffe wearing a metallic green dinosaur costume in a store I ran past. And then I bought it. Just kidding. I also got to revel in beauty such as this:
photo 1Note: I did not take this picture while running. I didn’t have my phone, remember?!

4. I really liked not constantly looking to see how far I had gone. When I am running with my phone, I constantly look to see if I’ve hit the mile marker yet. My run yesterday wasn’t long, but it was fulfilling. I also listened to my body and stuff running when my plantar fasciitis started talking to me, which is something I don’t do when I still have to hit my next mile mark!

Verdict: Run without your phone every once in a while.


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