Mulled Apple Cider … but what is mulled?

photo 2A tree.

Yesterday started off interesting. I had to get a tiny hole filled in one of my teeth. According to my dentist, this was just a minuscule hole that it wasn’t big enough to be classified as a cavity. Perfect, because I have never had a cavity and I will continue to say that since this wasn’t technically a cavity. Win.

For whatever reason, I wasn’t really sure what that entailed and was slightly surprised when all of a sudden I had a needle and four hands in my mouth. Good thing is that my dentist office has Netflix! So I watched New Girl…and giggled..the entire time.

After, the entire right side of my face was numb, so I decided that was a good enough reason to not trek into work. Instead, I ‘worked from home’ in the morning…and by worked from home I mean that I worked at Tryst. If I haven’t gushed about Tryst before, I need to now. Tryst is the cutest place I’ve ever been to and it never gets old to me except when I can’t seem to find a seat, which is awesome. I meant to take more pictures of it yesterday, but I’m trying really hard to just put down my phone more. For those of you who know me, you know that I tend to exaggerate sometimes. While Tryst is cute, I am sure there are cuter places out there and I hope to encounter them some day soon. (This counts as your disclaimer.)

While at Tryst, I had a big happy moment because I ordered this:

photo 4

What is that, you ask? Why–it’s mulled apple cider of course!

photo 5

My thumb looks strange in this photo.

But it was so yummy! And it came with ginger snaps. Snap snap snap. How cute is the little pot that it came in?!

It was so great to sit on one of Tryst’s couches and drink this Yummy Autumn Mulled Apple Cider while I regained feeling in my face and got some work done. It was just a very comfortable, calming environment despite the fact that every seat was taken.

And just in case you wanted to know, mulled means “to heat and spice.” I should have known that, right? I think I did subconsciously, but when someone asked me what mulled apple cider was all I could say was…”Hot Cider?”

Anyway, happy me.



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