Stop Looking at Your Thighs

I saw this article today and really wanted to share it.


I especially wanted to point out #5:

5) Your body is going to change. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to vigilantly monitor it with the eye of a hawk, day in and day out. Yes, your body will fluctuate, but the one you have right this second is pretty damn great. Enjoy it and stop staring at your thighs, convincing yourself you see cellulite forming in real-time.

This is such a good point, and it really hit home with me.

A big topic of conversation with me and those close to me lately has been about being ‘in the moment.’ I’ve found that I tend to focus on the future or the past and I really miss what is going on now. My mind is always racing and thinking things such as:

  • Why did I say that to that person? Why did I act that way?
  • What am I going to do IF this happens?

that I miss out on living the moment that is actually occurring. I am replacing experience with too much forward thinking. So I have really started to try living in the present–noticing what’s around me, enjoying the moment and not thinking or worrying too much about the consequences or all of the items on my to-do list. This is why I have been making a huge effort to leave my headphones in my bag–to hear the sounds around me, focus on the smells, sights, people.

If we are too busy thinking about every calorie in every bite or sip, how we don’t like how our pair of pants pinches a bit too much at our hips, how the muscle tone in our thighs isn’t exactly what we want it to be, etc., then we are missing out on life. I used to think that I was missing out only if I wasn’t physically somewhere. But if I’m not mentally there, then I am missing out as well.

Give yourself a break. Have a drink. Eat a grilled cheese.

Go for a run because you like feeling your legs get stronger and feeling the adrenaline rush through you. Or because you like the wind against your face.

Love yourself, as cheesy as that may sound.


2 thoughts on “Stop Looking at Your Thighs

  1. I love this! I’m constantly worried about stuff in the future and my husband always has to remind me to focus on the present. Thanks for posting this! And I have to say that running without headphones is actually pretty awesome 🙂

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