High Heel Drag Race and Pumpkin Overload (No Such Thing)

Good morning! Happy November 3rd. Can you believe it’s November already? I can’t. Last week was such a blur. While it felt like people were dressing up for days on end, I still can’t believe Halloween is over. Nevertheless, I will still watch Hocus Pocus. In fact, I watched it 1.5 times on Friday night, the day after Halloween. Okay, to be honest, I fell asleep for a lot of that, but it was playing on repeat on Lifetime so you better bet that I had Lifetime on TV.

As I mentioned about 4 sentences ago, last week was a blur. Work was insanely busy (breathing was an afterthought, not something that happened naturally those days)–I would leave for work early in the morning and then go to a Halloween event right after. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I wasn’t home for more than ten minutes.

Tuesday night, I went to the annual High Heel Drag Race. This is my second time going, and I must say it is always a treat. As long as I live in DC, I will try to attend. Not sure what this race is that I’m talking about? Click here. It is definitely worth your time to click through the pictures.

I didn’t take any pictures this year, but here are 2 of my faves from last year:

ImageOkay, my face is blurry, but you should know why I love this picture. If you don’t know, here’s a hint: HELLOOOO–THE SANDERSON SISTERS!! duh.


How awesome are those wings?

I love the Drag Race. On top of the fact that it is entertaining, full of creative and crazy costumes to look at, and a DC tradition, I just love that DC is a city where this is completely beyond accepted, as it should be everywhere. Two of my favorite costumes from this year? 1) A couple who was just married (or at least it appeared they were by their costume). Each was wearing glasses like these and they had cups attached to their butts and a sign that said ‘Just Married,’ like a car that newlyweds drive away in post-wedding. This one warmed my heart. 2) A group of drag queens dressed like the Troop Beverly Hills. Amazing. They did the chant/song and I loved every second of it.

And now, some pictures I actually did take this year. Even though work was busy, I did find time to take pictures. Amazing how that works, right?


Disclaimer: I did not carve this pumpkin. I may tell others I did though.


Pumpkin patch time! I could have stayed out here for hours.


I DID carve this pumpkin. Just kidding, but I still may tell people I did.


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!! With some little gourds thrown in there, too.


Obsessed. Yes, I did go inside.


Gotta make sure the kids are safe!

I just realized that I took many more fall-y pics of this. More to come in the next post. I know you all are soooo looking forward to it.

Also, happy day to me–this is my 100th post!


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