The Pumpkins Never End

This next post (my 101st!) is going to focus on pumpkins again. If this upsets you radically, you have my permissions to click that little red ‘x’ in the corner of your computer screen. Why am I writing about this on my ‘healthy lifestyle’ blog? Because I think that working in fun social events is also a huge part of being healthy. Let’s be honest: if you spend 100% of your waking time focused on what you are eating and the energy you are expending, you won’t be 100% healthy. Why? Because mental and emotional health plays into that as well and that includes letting yourself enjoy activities that don’t include or focus on mindful eating or miles ran.

Before I begin, here is a picture of this pretty girl who has a love-hate relationship with me. I have a complete love-love relationship for her, as I love her all the time, but she is still quite skeptical of me. Even though I have fed her about 50 approximate times. No appreciation. How cute is she though? Her name was almost ‘Smudge’ because shelooks like she has a smudge of peanutbutter on her little furhead (see what I did there? furhead=forehead in case you are a couple steps behind.)


Last Sunday, I had some friends over to carve pumpkins. A pumpkin-carving party is my idea of an amazing time. Next year I am going to have an official one. With invites like these that I stole from the internet.


It was a beautiful Fall Sunday. In fact, a perfect Fall day. You can’t really tell in the picture below because light hurts my iPhone camera’s eyes, but the sky was bright blue. The air was crisp. The mood was good. The stars aligned. We carved pumpkins outside in this courtyard (how cute/pretty/quaint/perfect?). Our table was full of apple cider, giant knives (eek!), pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and sugar cookies with orange, yellow, and purple sprinkles, and pumpkins!


Pumpkin guts! I love the inside of pumpkins and one of my favorite parts of carving is scooping the guts out. When I was little, my older brother, dad, and I would carve pumpkins together. My brother hated hated hated the smell and feel of pumpkin guts, but I loved it so I would chase him around with it. I am a really nice sister.


So proud of my little jack’o’lantern! (As I was typing jack’o’lantern, I became really curious as to why they are called that, so I looked it up. Here is the background in case you are interested, too). I already had to throw this poor guy out as he was sprouting moldy friends 4 days later.


And look at this guy! Great stitches.


Lastly, our family of punkins. Enjoy!


Lastly, another healthy thing to come from carving pumpkins–roasted pumpkin seeds! Makes for a great snack and also gives more value to your pumpkin. Also, spaghetti squash. I’m obsessed. I have already mixed it with spaghetti sauce and homemade crock pot honey sesame chicken (separately, as I’m sure those two things wouldn’t go together well.) It’s just so versatile. I have been meaning to add some pesto to it. One spaghetti squash makes a ton and you don’t get sick of it too quickly because you can pair so many different tastes with it. ALSO, I always get excited because I forget that it’s a vegetable. And then I remember. And that’s when I get excited.



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