The Running Bug..and I am a Running Bear, too

I have a confession to make.

I have really liked running lately. I actually look forward to getting outside and hitting the pavement. Or the grass. Or the cement, since sidewalk is made or cement (right?). If you have read more than one post on my blog (good for you!), then you have probably heard (read) me say something along the lines of “I like to pretend I’m a runner.” Well, now I really do think I am a runner. For whatever reason, I have caught the running bug. This is much better than catching other bugs, like the flu (disclaimer: the flu is not a real bug).

Theories on why I think I’ve liked running lately:

  • Running is one of the times my plantar fasciitis actually doesn’t hurt me.
  • I have been motivated to run by several things: sunsets, fall foliage, Halloween decorations, my half marathon, and the fact that DC’s humidity finally went away
  • I am back on a health kick. I love the fact that running is a full body work out. Each step makes my legs feel stronger. I used to want my runs to be over with as quickly as possible, but now I see each run as a challenge and I am excited when I get further than I did the first time.
  • I love exploring my neighborhood. To me, running downtown/in the Chinatown area wasn’t fun. I was constantly stopped by stoplights, things smelled, and there wasn’t anything interesting to see. For whatever reason, even though I have lived in my new apartment for over a year, I am just starting to realize how cute and pretty the neighborhoods intertwining behind my apartment complex are. Lots of trees, grass, flowers, decorations, old architecture, fancy houses (not the cookie-cutter kind). It’s fun to see something new every run.

That’s it for my theories.

I have another confession to make. Last night I made a couple excuses to not run: It’s too cold. It’s dark out. Daylight Savings sucks I feel sick. In all honestly, I did feel sick, so it is probably a good idea that I didn’t run and drank 73 cups of tea instead. But I can’t use cold as an excuse. I have the proper attire to go running. If I use cold as an excuse, I won’t run again until February. Sure, I may use the treadmill, but I am dreading that so much that I probably wouldn’t use it as much as I should in order to train for my half marathon in the Spring.

I just read this post of The Hungry Runner Girl’s, though, and I think I am re-motivated to run in the cold. I think this picture did it for me:



To be honest, I don’t think it will be as cold out tonight as it was yesterday, but I still look forward to looking like this on my run:



Or this:

What is your motivation to run in the cold?


9 thoughts on “The Running Bug..and I am a Running Bear, too

  1. I just read the same post from Janae and it inspired to me try and push through and run outdoors when I can…my thing isn’t the cold as much as the cold AND dark…I work through the sunlight hours and I am NOT a fan of running alone in the dark!

  2. I actually love running in the cold more than running in the heat! I always get dizzy and can’t run as fast when it’s hot/humid, but on cold days I feel like I can run so much farther! Plus when it’s cold all you have to say is “If I run faster I’ll get to my warm shower faster” and you’ll speed up 🙂

    • You know, I agree with you! I HATE running in heat or humidity. Actually, I ran in Arizona in July one time and it wasn’t awful because you could still feel a breeze. Humidity, though? Forget it. I don’t even consider it, especially since DC is basically a swamp.

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