I told you I was going to overload you with foliage pictures. Didn’t I? DIDN’T I?

2013-11-02 13.42.08This picture does not nearly do it justice, but the foliage surrounding the capitol was just so beautiful. I apologize for my weak photog skills.

2013-11-02 14.32.25

I sat out here for two hours with one of my best childhood friends on Saturday and it was just lovely. The perfect mix of leaves on the trees and on the ground. And the weather was perfect as well! The perfect crisp fall air with a warm sun.

2013-11-02 17.53.46

RAWR! I love this statue.

2013-11-02 17.53.18
Leaves can be pretty even when the sky is scary.

2013-11-02 17.55.55

View from a bridge.

2013-11-03 12.41.16

Love that bright orange tree.

2013-11-03 12.41.40

The zoo!!

7 pictures is enough for now. I’ll let you stare at those for a while. Be back later to tell you about my foliage run from Sunday!


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