“I Never Regret a Run”

A couple weeks ago, I saw a former high school teacher’s facebook status and it said something along the lines of how he was having a hard time motivating himself to go run outside in the bad weather, but that he remembered that he never regrets a run.

It’s so true.

Today was cold. I’ve lived through colder, more bitter days, but today was certainly the coldest we’ve had yet this fall. Winter jacket primed and ready, nose stinging, and fingers numb cold. I spent the entire day planning a run for right after work. Planning the long pants I would wear, imagining myself in huge sweaters and so many scarves you couldn’t see my face.

Then I got invited to happy hour. And while I knew my chances of running AFTER happy hour were unlikely, I still went to happy hour. Alas.

But, my friends, I have good news. I arrived home around 8:00pm, promptly changed into long running leggings, a Nike tee, and a thick Nike zip-up with thumb holes (love those) and I ran. I ran!

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.27.00 PM

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. By the end, I regretted not wearing a hat or headband over my ears–not because my ears were cold on the outside, but because they started to hurt on the inside. I get bad ear infections so I try my hardest to prevent that. But I didn’t wear gloves and for the majority of the 25 minutes, I felt fine. In fact, this 2.6 mile run didn’t seem too bad at all. There was one time around 2ish miles that I wanted to stop and walk the rest of the way back, but I got over that bump in the road.

Other exciting news–I ran an 8:28 mile tonight! In high school, I ran a 6:42 timed mile for field hockey. I don’t get to that time much now unless I am doing a timed mile. If I have to do more than that, I pace myself so I can make it through the run. I think I may have done an even quicker 2nd mile tonight, but–get this–my phone died at 1.81 miles. Sigh.

I definitely didn’t regret this run. But I know I would have regretted not running. Pat on back for me.

And I will end this post by mentioning that I am currently drinking tea out of this 99 cent mug I got at Goodwill. Because I will forever be a part of Dumbledore’s army.



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