The Friday Five

1. I really want to share this blog post with you. Some day, I hope I can write a blog post that is as inspiring as this post is to me.


2. Today has just been one of those days.

3. I’ve been really into tea lately. Specifically Yogi Tea, because it has the best inspirational messages. Well, maybe not the BEST inspirational messages, but the fact that each tea packet has an inspirational message hanging off the end brightens my day. Currently, I have a box of the ‘Kava’ Stress Relief Yogi Tea. My inspirational tag says “Your greatest strength is love.” I believe that.












4. For dinner tonight I baked some chicken tenders. I really wasn’t in the mood for plain old chicken, so before I placed them in the oven, I put some fancy mustard on top of them. Not a groundbreaking culinary experience, but gives it some extra flavor.

5. Tonight I am going over to a friend’s apartment and I am going to run there. I’ll report back on how carrying all my stuff goes…

Happy weekend!


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