So let me just be Harry Potter


Thank you Pinterest, for this blip of inspiration. I’ve been talking to a lot of peers lately about what I want to do with my life (and vice versa, what THEY want to do with their lives.) The early 20s are such an interesting time period career-wise. In some ways, this period is very frustrating: despite a few years experience and an advanced degree, you still get stuck with administrative duties–scheduling, drafting e-mails, ordering lunches for meetings. Sometimes it seems like it will never end. Many times it seems like your degree was pointless.  But in other ways, this period is exciting and full of opportunities. These are the ways we must focus on, or we will drive ourselves crazy.

Possible opportunities

  • Network like crazy. Up until 5 months ago, I hated the word networking. My mom always told me to network and I just rolled my eyes. Then I didn’t have a job. Submitting my resume to every job I saw wasn’t working. So I started to talk to everyone I knew–friends, family, random dogs on the street–and I got three interviews in two weeks. Three GOOD interviews. Full disclosure: I ended up accepting a position at a company that I applied to via LinkedIn, not from one of those three interviews. However, it was made known to me that the reason I landed at least 2 of those 3 interviews was because of networking. Sometimes, your resume does not adequately display your experience or potential. You can’t very well write “I worked my ASS OFF (excuse my French) at this job and really impressed by superiors.” But networking with your superiors can help you to get that across to others. That’s what happened for me. In addition, if you already have a job, networking is still incredibly important and even less annoying because there is no pressure to get a job.
  • Rock your administrative duties. Even if you hate what you are currently doing, do it well. Hit every task out of the park. This is the time for you to impress your new superiors and to prove that you can get any task done and that you can get it done on time and well.
  • Seek out your interests. Learn as much as you can about everything going on in your company. You never know where you might find a hidden passion or a new desired career path.

This last bullet is the one I’d like to focus on. In order to be most productive at a job, I believe you really need to enjoy what you are doing. You need to love what you do and be in line with the mission of your company and your position. Sure, you’ll have stressful days. You’ll even have bad days. But the majority of days I really believe that you should wake up and look forward to going into work. Dreading work should happen on very few days. Two possible road blocks in attaining this:

1) Figuring out what it is you truly like to do–something you like to do enough that you will still enjoy it when spending a ton of time on it.
2)  Finding a job that is based around what you love doing.

I like doing a lot of things. My interests include but are not limited to:

1. Harry Potter (and everything Harry Potter related)

2. Reading (especially while surrounded by sheep)

3. Writing. 

4. Animals

5. Traveling

Traveling, Harry Potter, reading, writing….If I combine those into one, do you know what I get?

I think I want to be J.K. Rowling. With the ability to visit pandas…..Is that on Maybe Craigslist.


2 thoughts on “So let me just be Harry Potter

  1. Great advice. Have you ever done MBTI? It was a real eye opener (to the point where it’s now very much part of my business, in fact) – it really helped me identify my real strengths and preferences and tendencies, and it actually helped me totally change direction, career wise. I discovered that I had been trying to fit into a world which favours ESTJs, and I was the exact opposite, an INFP. Which is why I was finding it so tough! You can get little online tests which will give you an indication of your type, but you can do much more in depth work in terms of kinds of careers that ‘suit’ different types and sit in alignment with your values. It’s very interesting.

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