What Motivates me to Run

Sometimes I plan to run but I just don’t want to run. And then I find a random spark of motivation and I CAN’T WAIT to hit the pavement (or cement or grass or trail.) Things that are currently motivating me:

1. Other people writing about running

For instance: THIS GIRL. She spontaneously ran two marathons in two weeks. I’m not necessarily saying I want to do that (as of now, I don’t), but her spontaneity and her drive motivated me to run earlier this week.


2. Others telling me that seeing me run motivated them to run

When I started writing this blog, I wrote it with the intent and wish that my blog would inspire and motivate others to participate in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Although my friend was not motivated by my blog, but by actually witnessing me run on her walk home from work the other night, this is truly one of the highest compliments I ever could have received.


3. Eating

Whether I ate badly or plan on eating a big meal later (ie, if I am going to a potluck), I am motivated to run to counteract my gluttonous acts.


4. Thinking about my 1/2-marathon

Need to train, need to train!

RockNRoll Logo

There is nothing I would hate more than not being able to finish my first half due to poor training. I have to make it through this course:


And I want to make it as easy for myself as possible. Especially because it includes hills like this (pretty Lombard street in San Francisco–can I move there!?):


I just keep imagining the thrill of crossing the finish line

And then eating amazing pop tarts from Ted’s Bulletin, surrounded by friends.


5. Thinking about how hard it has been for me to make running a habit in the past and how I don’t want to fail at that again. As my 7th grade club soccer coach always said, First you make a habit then a habit makes you.”


7 thoughts on “What Motivates me to Run

  1. These are great reasons to run! I also like posing the question to myself, “when have I ever regretted going for a run?” (just about never, but often laziness brings regrets) Also, those pop-tarts seem like a REALLY compelling reason to visit DC. 🙂

      • I live in Cleveland, and I love DC – my last visit was a 24 hour whirlwind when it was about 135 degrees so I doubt I would’ve wanted a pop tart then… but next time for sure! 🙂

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