Forgive or Buy a Stapler

I have great news everyone.

I took a 3-mile run last night and 1) the cold wasn’t terribly unbearable and 2) three miles is feeling easier and easier. I am so happy to be at this place. To realize that gradual building of skills is where it’s at. I figured out that the reason I have had so much trouble adopting a running habit in the past is because I tried to go all out each time I ran. I wanted to run as fast as I could because I thought that meant I was a better runner. Wrong. Over the past week, I have read this post from Hungry Runner Girl and I have also seen an article that said approximately 70% of your runs should be easy runs. This boggled my mind. Easy runs? What kind of work out is that? And then I shut up and tried it. And you know what? I was able to run 4 miles with little difficulty. Sure, it wasn’t EASY, but I ended the run and I felt amazing and like I could have run a little further. Running 4 miles is still a workout–no matter how fast you run. I have added some additional articles about this at the end of this blog–Happy Running Reading!

In other news, yesterday this was my Yogi tea tag.

photo 1

Sometimes things suck. That’s the plainest way to put it. Sometimes people are mean to you–they say hurtful things, they ignore you, etc. I grew up Catholic, but full disclosure–I consider myself spiritual but not religious. I am not currently a practicing Catholic, much to the chagrin of my mother. However, one time in church the priest  stood up and said, “Today’s homily is: Forgive” and then he turned around and the music started up. I was flabbergasted–a homily had never been that short, and I liked it. But I liked it for another reason as well–because I think it is one of the biggest lessons that someone can learn. If there is only one lifestyle behavior change that you ever choose to partake in, forgiving should be it. Why? Yes, I believe that you should do things for other people…and forgiving is, in a way, doing something for the person you are forgiving. However, I also believe that you have to take care of yourself and keep yourself a priority, and forgiving is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Holding onto anger, hate, sadness, and other negative feelings towards others only ends up hurting you in the end–mentally and physically. So do yourself a favor, and forgive. And if you aren’t ready to forgive yet, get yourself a fancy stapler like this:

photo 3

Makes me smile.

Take it Easy When you Run:
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