Gobble Gobble

A quick turkey day update, which means lots of pictures.

photo 1

My mom made this awesome peach cranberry sauce for the second year and I am obsessed. She made about 5 cups of it and we ate about 5 teaspoons because there were only 3 of us but I think that that’s perfect because now I can take it all back and eat it for weeks. Peach Cranberry sauce on everything, please.

photo 2

photo 3

While she was making that, I was making breakfast. I was aiming for this, but obviously mine did not turn out as planned. Maybe it’s because I used Bisquick? But the triple berry sauce she recommended was amazing. And hey, get this, it was pretty healthy. I mean look at all that fruit. And all I added was about 1/4 cup of honey and 2 tbsp of corn starch. And the pancakes were whole wheat–so booyah.

photo 5

And honestly, at the end of the day (not really because it was 10:30am), they tasted good. They just didn’t look pretty. Om nom nom.

photo 4

While I was slaving away of my Bisquick, my fat cat Linus was helping in the kitchen, too. He made this pie.

photo 1

Really, he did. Fine, you got me. My brother made this pie. Lots of apple slicing. After eating breakfast and piling apples up in a pie tin, brother Tim and I went on a run.

photo 3

I was really ready. And apparently this face of mine has been pretty consistent over the past 24 years.


Now I just have to add in a nice picture to show that I can take a picture with my mouth closed. photo 4

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE! And before I go, two random things that make me smile.

This snow globe I own. Did you ever try to take a picture of a snow globe? It’s hard. And my pink rug does not make Harry Potter look as brave as I think he should.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

This is what it really looks like….without my rug.


And this:


Oh em gee oh em gee oh em gee. This is a blurry pic but I want everyone to know that if you have cable, I will be stealing it to plant my butt in front of 25 Days of Christmas.



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