Potatoes Don’t Belong on Couches

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I find this graphic fascinating and saddening at the same time. People in the United States are growing bigger and bigger. Out of 191 countries, the U.S. is number 18. America is fatter than 173 other countries. Not that this is a competition. Sigh.

I’m not going to write this post harping on why obesity can be detrimental to your health–you most likely know why. If you don’t, feel free to contact me and we can have a lengthy conversation on it. I’m writing this post in the hopes of inspiring at least one person to take control of his or her life today. Whether or not you are currently overweight or obese, with the way that things are going, if you aren’t overweight now but you also aren’t in control of your life, then you will probably gain weight as you get older. Newsflash: even if your eating habits stay EXACTLY THE SAME, you will still gain weight each year. Frustrating, right?


I don’t want to send anyone into a frenzy of constantly checking the scale and making sure they didn’t gain that 0.5 pounds or 5.2% of their weight. My point is not to obsess over numbers but just to be conscious about your lifestyle habits starting NOW so that you don’t look back in 5 years and wonder:

  • Where did this 25 pounds come from?
  • Why do I need to be on blood pressure medication?
  • Why am I so tired all of the time?
  • Boy…walking up that flight of stairs is a lot harder than it used to be.

Where to Start:

1. Learn what proper portions are:


2. Get moving. I suggest getting a cheap pedometer to track how much you are moving every day. Pedometers are not the most accurate or informative pieces of equipment, but they will at least give you a baseline of how much you are moving throughout the day. As I explain in my post here, unfortunately 30 minutes of exercise each day is not enough.


3. Baby steps. Just take baby steps. Trying to revamp your entire lifestyle in one day will eventually lead to leading a life as a couch potato and eating a bowl of cookie dough.






One thought on “Potatoes Don’t Belong on Couches

  1. I watched a fascinating documentary here in the UK called ‘The Men Who Made Us Fat’. It’s on Youtube if you want to watch. The first episode talked a lot about high fructose corn syrup, and the correlation with its introduction, and obesity levels in the US. The second one (or was it third, I don’t remember), discussed portion sizes, and once again, the effect that a general increase in those has had on our health. It’s very tied up in politics too, which I found really interesting. I have to say it made a huge impression on me – I was suddenly aware that there’s a whole lot more to the food industry, and the messages our poor brains are inundated with, than at first meets the eye. And it made me all the more determined to make my path as healthy as possible.

    Thanks for sharing that graphic. It’s quite something to see it like that.

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