I Think I Can Call Myself a Runner

Last week when I was home for Thanksgiving I took a run… and the clouds looked like cotton candy. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I wanted to show you anyway. From a different angle, the sun made the clouds look baby pink–it was so pretty! I also think I was looking up into the sky instead of at the trees because I am still quite sad that the pretty leaves are mostly gone.


When I came back on Sunday evening, I got an e-mail from Map My Run showing me my running summary from November.


36.8 miles. Now, I know that some people run more than that in just a week–but running 36.8 miles in one month is a HUGE milestone for me. On top of that, there were some runs that I took without my phone, so those aren’t even recorded on here. I am so happy that I’ve finally formed a running habit. It took several tries, but all of those tries were worth it. I think I can finally call myself a runner, don’t you agree?

I also have to mention that I am 99% certain that the reason this time around has been so successful (I actually crave running now) is because I made a mental plan in my head to take it easy and build very very gradually. For the first 2 weeks, I ran 1.5-2.5 miles every time I ran. And there were time that that was HARD. After that, I started running around 3 miles every day. Now, I am up to running 3.5-4.5 miles every time I run. And tonight, I ran 4 miles without my phone. I ran it slowly, in about 44 minutes (I had to stop a couple times for traffic lights–bleh), which means I was able to occupy my mind for 44 minutes. Not only am I building my physical endurance, but my mental endurance as well. Thumbs up.

One last question before I go: How do you say ‘run’ in German? Oh, I know that answer.


Run = Laufen (I think–dictionaries can be complicated sometimes).



4 thoughts on “I Think I Can Call Myself a Runner

  1. Yay to feeling like a runner! It took me so long to feel that way, and depending who I’m with I still hesitate to call myself a runner sometimes! The Runner’s World Run Streak has been helping with this – only a runner would be crazy enough to run every day!

  2. Yea girl you’re a runner!!! Good for you for building mileage slowly and sticking with it! I also agree with Kristen above that Only a runner would be crazy enough to do what we do haha…Keep it up!

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