1/2 Marathon on a Basketball Court


Last night I had a bad dream. It was definitely a nightmare.

In this dream, it was 1/2 marathon day! But instead of running a hilly and beautiful 13.1-mile course through the streets of Washington, DC, I was running my 1/2 marathon on a basketball court. What? Yes. A BASKETBALL COURT. How awful does that sound? Awful. IT. SOUNDS. AWFUL.

I took the liberty of doing the math for you (got your back, you know?) and if I ran 13.1 miles around a basketball court it would mean that I would have to run around the court 276.77 times. 276 TIMES.

But that’s not even the worst of it. After I completed the 276.77 miles around the court, the director of the race told me that I had made good time, but I was disqualified for cutting corners…and they showed me video of me cutting corners.

Sigh. On to more happy things. It’s time for my blog friends to get in the Christmas spirit.


Every year, my mom gets my brother and me a Christmas ornament for that year and she gives it to us at Thanksgiving. This year, she got me a Prancer ornament because my favorite Christmas movie is Prancer–we watch it every year on Christmas Eve. I love this tradition, and I love the special thought that my mom puts into each of our ornaments. It is definitely a tradition I want to carry on.


This past weekend we went to Love Park  for an outdoor Christmas market and to see some Macy’s Christmas decorations. Isn’t my mommy pretty?!



A pretty butter dish at the Christmas market. After all, butter is cherished in the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, so ya gotta give it a pretty house!



Come on, how cute are these earring? I wanted to buy a pair of each and wear a different pair each day of December.


I make a REALLY good Santa. And my mom is the Christmas Princess….obviously.


Lesson from today’s post: If my cat can get in the Christmas/holiday spirit, so can you. Go smell a pine tree.


Sorry, not this one–this tree is already taken.



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