Why hello there!

Can you believe that Christmas is 11 days away? I can’t. Taking a trip in the middle of December really made the first half of this month FLY by. For the past week, I was in Munich, Germany. I will be uploading some pictures from my phone later. Unfortunately, I took plenty of pictures on my camera but do not have the cord to upload the pictures to my computer, soo…..

Anyway, when I was packing for Munich I packed running clothes as well. Let me tell you about how many times I ran…..approximately zero.

However, I am more upset at myself for wasting space in my suitcase (VALUABLE SOUVENIR SPACE) than for not running. Why, you ask? Because every day in Munich I walked about 17,000 steps on average. So I kept my healthy meter up.


And here is the good news: it didn’t set me too far back in my training. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 7:30am (you see, in my head, it was more like 1:30pm.) It actually felt really nice to be up and to get the day started early. I popped on Gilmore Girls (I’ve been super obsessed lately and have been renting the DVDs from the library like crazy) and laid in bed for an hour. I was out the door and running by 9:00am. I ran a good 3 miles. Sure, I would have liked to have run more, but I ran 3 miles a little easier than I was expecting. Do I still believe that every soft pretzel I ate (approximately 47) slowed me down a little? Yes. But it was worth EVERY BITE.


Okay, okay, I uploaded one Germany picture for you already. Pipe down.

Then, yesterday, I ran five miles!

It was really, really, really hard. Yet it was a beautiful run. A beautiful, crisp, December day. I didn’t even need my gloves! I was glad I had my neck warmer though in order to breathe warm air in. My first 3 miles went pretty smoothly–I finished each one in between 8 to 10 minutes. My 4th mile somehow took 17 minutes. I actually think I blacked out for about 10 of those minutes because I have no idea how it took that long. During my 5th mile, I was hurting. I adjusted my goal of 5 miles to 4.5 because I didn’t think I would make it much past that. But then, when i got to 4.5 miles I decided I wanted to just make it to the corner. At the corner, I had reached 4.8 miles. Now let me tell you, no 0.2 miles is going to defeat me! I had already made it 4.8 miles, so I decided that I would push through to the 5-mile mark. I am still proud of myself. Pat on back, pat on back. Achieving a goal is an amazing feeling, especially when it is challenging to get there. With that being said, I was still careful to listen to my body. I was pushing myself, challenging myself, and while I was hurting, I know my body well enough to know that it was only going to result in being sore, not being injured. When I arrived at the front door of my building, I bent down to tie my shoelaces and BAM, I felt the soreness starting in my left hamstring. You better bet I stretched and foam rolled like crazy yesterday!

Tonight, I am participating in a Secret Santa and a White Elephant with some of my best gal friends from college…

I am so excited! I am such a holiday nerd. And I got the BEST White Elephant gift. I may try to keep it for myself.



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