Christkindlmarkts: A Quick Germany Post

Christkindlmarkts were all over Munich. It seemed that every open space, such as a town square or park, was filled with a Christkindlmarkt, which is the German term for Christmas Market. I was well aware of the Christkindlmarkts prior to arriving in Germany and it was one of the top items on my list to check off. And boy did I check it off. Every day. I mean, how could I not when everywhere I walked there was a Christmas Market?

Abby iPhone 204

These little stands lined the streets and stands of Munich. It is amazing what some twinkle lights can do to anything you throw them on. I have decided to start a petition requesting that everyone keep twinkle lights out, at least in public places, all year long. It really does improve the ambiance.

Abby iPhone 159

Many of the stands featured large cookies like these. The cookies were decorated with messages such as “I love you.” While these cookies look scrumptious, you may be surprised to find out that you don’t actually eat them–they are equivalent to most gingerbread houses in that you make them but aren’t necessarily meant to eat them. This made more sense to me after I touched one and discovered that it was hard as a rock. However, I cannot lie and say I did not think about how much of a shame it was that all those ingredients went to waste and would not be tasted or ingested. The fact that you are not meant to eat them probably played a big part in the fact that I did not buy 1…or 47 as I had originally planned.

Abby iPhone 186

While the focus of most of the Christmas markets were the stands, some of them were outfitted with big structures such as this. That is how much Germany gets into their Christmas markets–they go ALL. OUT. The energy in these areas is amazing. You can feel the streets buzzing with holiday cheer and even though I rarely bought anything, just being in that environment was enough to lift my spirit.


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