Christmas Break It Down

Home again for Christmas Break and I must forewarn you (if you haven’t already caught on) that my posts may be few during this break. After almost 6 months at my first big girl job, I have truly learned to appreciate the importance of ‘unplugging’ and taking a break from your normal day-to-day. While blogging is an effective way of getting the creative half of my brain back in the game (as I don’t put this part of my brain to use a ton at my job), I try my hardest to keep my laptop closed…one website always leads to another and then before I know if I’ve missed every Lifetime Christmas Movie and my day is RUINED.

My down time on my Christmas Break is for…


Writing Christmas notes on shiny red Christmas cards and watching classic Christmas movies. On my list? Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Home Alone: Lost in New York…. shall I go on? So much watching to happen and I even have to fit in wonderful Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies…


Hanging out by the Christmas tree and fireplace. Twinkle lights are magical.


Indulging in Christmas traditions. When my brother and I were younger, our parents would wrap up 24 different children’s Christmas books. Each night of December–before Christmas–we would unwrap a book and read it before bed. Some years, in addition to unwrapping and reading a picture book, we also read a short novel throughout the month of December. I am reminded each Christmas how grateful I am that my parents always took the time to read to and with us, not only at Christmas but all throughout the year.


Drinking Hot Cinnamon Spice tea out of a mug from Hallmark that I just had to get. I’ve never had this tea before, but I discovered it yesterday and I think Harney & Sons may be a new go-to tea for me (although they don’t have inspirational tags like Yogi sooo). You know how sometimes tea smells fantastic and then just tastes like dish water? This Harney & Sons tea tastes exactly how it smells, which is wonderful, so I am happy, happy, happy.

Before I sign out for the day, two things I wanted to address:

1) For any non-Christmas celebrators out there, I hope that you equally enjoy your break, whether you are celebrating a different holiday or simply just have a day or two off because your work is shut down for the holiday, I hope you have a restful and happy time. Taking mental and physical breaks is important no matter what your beliefs may be.

2) It is with a heavy heart that I remind all of you reading that while it may be a happy, fun-filled time for the majority of us, that just because Christmas is here and schools and offices are closed, does not mean all is well and good everywhere. While the rest of us are celebrating, please take the time to send happy, thankful, goodwill-filled wishes to:

  • Those serving our country, both domestic and abroad.
  • The police officers, nurses, doctors, janitors, paramedics, firefighters, and all others who will be working all through the holiday to ensure a safe time for all of us.
  • Those fighting terminal illnesses and their families, who are fighting with them. For those of you who have not heard this piece of news, a young girl in my hometown is dying from acute myeloid leukemia. This past Saturday, over 7,000 people gathered on her street to sing her Christmas Carols, which is one of her last wishes.  While the prognosis is unfortunately poor, her family has not lost hope. This little girl’s fighting spirit and her family’s persistent hope are truly inspiring and heartwarming. I am now and forever not only a member of Team Laney but a member of every Team fighting for the life of a loved one. I only wish there was something I could do to help them all.
  • Anyone else who may be suffering in any way–whether it be financial woes, heartbreak, loss–whatever it may be.

Signing off now–cheers!


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